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Dear Rita Skeeter...

Stabbing Your Problems with a Quick Quotes Quill

Rita Skeeter, Agony Aunt
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Rita Skeeter, who are you?

Everyone's old favorite investigative journalist turned new favorite agony aunt! Formerly a renowned reporter dishing up the delicious dirt on the dingiest dogs in the wizarding world, I took a sabbatical from my thrilling line of work several summers ago, and am now making my comeback as a sure-to-be-successful advice columnist.

Rita Skeeter, what should we ask you?

Why, anything, dears! Jacked in at your job? Frustrated by a fix-me-up? Hexed by housework? Ragged by relationships? Miffed by money? Perplexed by personal problems? I accept any and all queries, though the juicier, the better.

Rita Skeeter, when can we ask you things?

Whenever you're troubled, my dear readers!

Rita Skeeter, where should we direct our questions?

For now, you may owl me at DearRitaSkeeter at yahoo dot com. Wait, that's not owl, that's e-mail. Silly Muggle modes of communication! You may also leave a comment after this entry; all comments are screened so you may feel safe in the knowledge that no one will know your dirty secrets but me. I promise.

Rita Skeeter, why are you doing this?

Hohohoho, why not? It seems like a reasonably enjoyable change of pace from my previous (although related) occupation.

Rita Skeeter, how are you so talented?

Some of us are simply born lucky, I guess.